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  • San Francisco

Anthropic’s mission is to create reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. We want AI to be safe for our customers and for society as a whole.

We are looking to hire our first Sales Engineers to join our product team and help safely commercialize Anthropic’s AI technology. As a Sales Engineer, you will support the sales process by working closely with commercial partners to help them understand how they can deploy our technology to meet their business goals. In this role, you’ll drive the sales cycle with some of our first commercial partners, as well as help us build out our overall approach to enterprise sales. 

Representative Projects

  • Deeply understand customer technical needs and be able to quickly coordinate solutions so they can deploy our products. Track where customers are at in the sales process, understand the technical work that needs to be done for them to “go live” as partners, and quickly help them convert to happy, paid customers. 
  • Collect and share learnings from working on the frontline with customers to the wider product, sales, and research teams. Your learnings will be key to informing our broader go-to-market strategy and product roadmap.
  • Analyze customer requirements and workflows to determine how our products can help. Work closely with customers to iterate on technical solutions for their business use-cases.
  • Drive the sales process with high-stakes, high-touch customers. Work with Solutions Architects, Technical Product Managers, Product Engineers, and the wider Product and Research teams to build and implement custom-fit solutions for commercial partners.

You might be a good fit if you have:

  • Strong communication skills. You’re able to communicate effectively with customers- understanding their needs and working closely with them to implement technical solutions. You should love talking to customers. 
  • Technical knowledge of AI systems and large language models. You have a good understanding of how advanced AI systems operate, understand some of their strengths and weaknesses as commercial offerings, and have spent time prompting LLMs. 
  • Curiosity for exploring commercial applications of state-of-the-art large language models. We’re looking for candidates who are excited to bring new technologies to the world and who are eager to explore alongside our partners the highest value use-cases for our models.
  • Previous technical sales, sales engineering, or solutions architect experience. We’re looking for candidates with some software engineering experience.

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