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👋 Great to have you here - thanks for checking out this role.

We're looking for a Content Moderator to scale our moderation to 24/7. We already have coverage on UK, US and APAC hours.

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But first, some context about synthetic media.

Why synthetic media matters...

All emerging technologies start small and slow. At the beginning, not many notice, and the tech is still clunky.
Then, exponential growth kicks in, and things start to move quickly. All of a sudden, it just works.
That's where we're at with synthetic media.

Over the past 100 years, media production went through cycles of innovation that impacted the way content is produced, distributed and consumed. Synthetic media is the latest paradigm shift in this continuum.

The big change: using AI, we can generate video using code, instead of relying on cameras or microphones.

Pretty cool, if you ask us 😎

At Synthesia, we believe that the future of media is synthetic, and we are on a mission to build the world's best AI video platform. If it sounds interesting, come and join us. 

👉About this position

As our Content Moderator, you will be responsible for tracking, understanding and avoiding unethical use of our technology. You will handle any breaches to our Terms of Service and keep the list of words for the machine moderation layers up to date. You will ensure legal compliance and safety of content.We have multiple layers of machine and human content moderation already implemented at Synthesia. Part of your role is to keep improving our content moderation systems. Content moderation is a complex task, with ambivalent areas. Working with Synthesia's management, you will bring these ambivalent areas to light and implement systems to track good faith, versus bad faith use.

You will use our ethical principles and our Terms of Service to inform content moderation decisions. Our general stance is that Synthesia is not a public town hall, and we go beyond our legal requirements to ensure ethical use of synthetic media.


  • Ensuring compliance and safety of content uploaded to the platform
  • Development and improvement propositions on maintaining standards
  • Building strong product foundation
  • Working closely with the wider teams for collaboration and process enhancement processes
  • Coordinating with relevant departments for timely management of content that violates our regulations
  • Issuing customer communications around problematic content 


  • This role requires you to work shift patterns which vary between Monday - Sunday
  • Experience with content moderation of a technology platform
  • Experience with high pace work environments
  • Experience with customer service or research
  • Highly organised, systematic doer
  • Practical, non-theoretical


💸 We are generous - you will be compensated fairly

✨ We are mindful - you will have the flexibility to work from home and rest when you need to

💻 We are a tech company - you will have access to all the equipment you need

🎉 We are fun - we do company off-sites, team dinners, and other social activities

📈 We want you to grow - you will be joining a bunch of exceptional professionals who will help you shape the career you are dreaming of
Learn About Our Stance on AI and Synthetic Media Ethics

As pioneers in the AI field, we strive for responsible use of synthetic media. We think about ethics a lot and act accordingly. Read more about our principles.

🌍We have several offices in great locations - London, New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Ljubljana and Munich ✌

If you want to be a part of building a legendary company, COME JOIN US! 😊

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